A web designer with no website? Hmmm .....

It’s true, I’ve been so busy with client projects, I just haven’t found the time to finish my own site. But hopefully this page should be enough to whet your appetite, enjoy :)

A little about me

I’m a web designer and developer based in Perth, Western Australia. I specialise in user-focused design, usability and front end development. Oh and I also do logos and a little print design.

I’m fascinated with dinosaurs (checkout my web server), guitars, photography (my flickr), aeroplanes, surfing, rock climbing ... in fact, it’s becoming clear why my own website remains in development!

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Recent Projects

Bear Grylls Live
Tomorrow's Youth
Classic Albums Live
Pink Floyd Experience
Heston Blumenthal
MRG International
Event Weather

You’re dying to tell me about your exciting new project,
I can feel it!